Polyurethane Construction

MATERIAL: Chromadek 0.5mm Frost White (colour)  

INSULATION: Foam is PU machine injected under controlled conditions. Density ± 42 - 48Kg/m3 and is self-extinguished material, fire retardant & totally Eco-Friendly. Minimum overall heat transfers co-efficient of 0.023.

Delivers the Highest R-Value per inch of thickness  

Delivers the lowest K- Value per inch of thickness 0.023 w/m.k  

Moisture Resistant & Water Repellent  

Possesses Dimensional Stability  

Demonstrates Excellent Performance in Fire Test  

High Load Bearing Capacity  

Excellent Resistance to Abrasion  

Resistant to Solvents, Oils, Ozone & Water  

Known for Extra Durability & Toughness  

Resistant to Flex Fatigue & Wear  

Outstanding Resilience  

Resistant to Mildew, Mold & Fungus  

Excellent insultating efficiency over a wide temperature range  

PU does not melt nor drip when heated  

PU does not produce spread of flame within the core, nor does it add to the severity of the fire  

PU insulation products are thermos set, which means that once manufactured, it is rigid, will not soften or melt and remain strong, even at elevated temperatures  

PU can withstand elevated temperatures without losing its insulating power  

High strength to weight ration and load-bearing properties  

Excellent adhesion to substrates  

ASSEMBLY: Assembly of panels with a camlock and groove & tongue.  

THICKNESS: Cold room panels are 60mm thick according to the application.  

Freezer room panels are 80mm thick according to the application.  

Blast freezer panels are 100mm thick according to the application.  

CAMLOCKS: Camlocks are imported from Italy – high quality product