DVT Systems

Conventional refrigeration systems compressor groups run at a fixed speed, there for either delivering 0 capacity or 100% capacity when it runs. When in a supermarket more than one cold room or refrigerated cabinet is connected to the same refrigeration system there is a lot of energy wastage when only one of the cabinets require cooling but the compressor delivers maximum output for all the cabinets.

Latest technology offers neatly enclosed units for sound dampening en neat aesthetics that boasts digital compressors. The advantage of digital compressors is the ability to adapt its output to just enough that is required for the cabinets. For example if you have 4 cabinets on one DVT system and 3 of the cabinets do not require cooling as they have reached their setpoint, the dvt system will reduce it’s output to just enough for the fourth cabinet to reach required setpoint. The DVT system can lower it’s output to as little as only 10% of its designed maximum output.

Less output = less current used = massive power savings

The DVT systems also has a much lower sound level compared to conventional open condensing units.